His Holiness Aram I honors the violinists, Ashot and Armen Jenderejian brothers With the St. Mesrob Mashdotz Insignia

13 April 2016


8 April, 2016. On Friday evening, the special event, organized by the Seminary of the Catholicosate and the Regional Committee of the Hamazkayin Cultural Association, began with speeches, introducing the twin brothers. The speaker highlighted their unique talent and contribution to culture through their concerts, their teaching, fostering of the love for classical music. Following brief a musical interlude, His Holiness thanked the organizers for honouring the talent of the Jenderejian twins and for recognizing their contribution in raising awareness and promoting the love for music both in Armenia and the Diaspora through their concerts and inspiration of the youth. He then announced his decision to honor the brothers with the St. Mesrob Masdotz Insignia for contribution to art and culture.


After the reading of the Pontifical letter, His Holiness bestowed on them the insignias.