Youth Department 

Youth is a top priority for the Armenian Church. IMG_2834-2After his election as Catholicos, His Holiness gave a particular attention to youth considering it an essential aspect of the life and mission of the church and the Catholicosate.

The following are some of the initiatives taken by our Church under the leadership of Aram I:

•Two major youth conferences organized in 2001 (Syria) and 2008 (Lebanon).6


•Series of “Dialogue with Youth” written by His Holiness. Check them here:

•Several publications dealing with issues and challenges related to youth.

•Lectures, Bible studies and other functions with the active participation of youth.

•Declaration of 2009 as the “Year of  the Youth” celebrated in all dioceses and communities.

IMG_0945As a concrete expression of our Church’s deep concern towards its youth, and as a culmination of these actions taken in the last decade, a youth department was established at the Catholicosate.

IMG_2815The Youth Department has its By Laws, Director, Committee and functions on the basis of priorities set by the Committee. The main objective of the Department is: to challenge and encourage the dioceses to pay a special attention to youth; to assist them in their programs and activities.