08 December 2020

In the presence of the Religious and Lay Councils of the Executive Council of the Catholicosate of Cilicia, we address our church and nation the following pontifical message:



The Armenian people is in deep anguish: the sense of defeat has caused confusion and hopelessness. In fact, despite the heroic resistance of our army against the Turkish-Azeri invasion, we lost a large portion of Artsakh: a land molded and flourished with the blood of our people. We also lost our national pride and dignity. We gave numerous martyrs, and have a large number of prisoners of war, casualties, and refugees. There is not a single Armenian in the world who does not mourn the enormous loss of the Armenian nation. In the face of this harrowing tragedy, the Armenian people demand full and clear accountability. 



We face uncertainties. Our people in Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora are deeply concerned regarding the ceasefire agreement signed between Armenia and Azerbaijan with the initiative of Russia; an agreement that places the territorial integrity, security and independence of Armenia, alongside Artsakh’s, in grave danger. Indeed, Armenia is as a ship with no helm stuck in a stormy sea.


In these critical circumstances, the unity of our people is urgently imperative. We need to refrain from actions and approaches that sow the seed of polarization, discord and intolerance. Only our people’s internal unity and collective will can secure tomorrow’s mighty Armenia and independent Artsakh. The collective and supreme interests of our people and homeland must remain above all other considerations, as well as become the driving force and the sustaining power of  our thoughts, decisions, and deeds.



Almost two years ago, guided by these principles and engagements, the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan took charge of the leadership of Armenia. During these days of crisis, we call upon the prime minister to, guided by the same principles and engagements, decide to resign from the prime-ministership, in order for the Parliament to have the opportunity to elect a new prime minister according to the procedures set forth by the constitution. It is our expectation that the unity transitional government, formed by prime minister-to-be, will organize early parliamentary elections.



We pray to our heavenly Father, that He may grant his heavenly kingdom to our martyrs, speedy recovery to our wounded, safe return to the prisoners of war, comfort to the families that are in mourning, as well as protect our nation and homeland from all forms of evil and harm.





December 8, 2020
Antelias, Lebanon