10 September 2019

The Catholicosate of Cilicia is a stop for pilgrims coming from around the world. They visit and tour the Catholicosate in Antelias and the Monastery in Bikfaya, and learn about the mission of the Holy See of Cilicia in various fields.  


Recently, a group of clergymen from the Lutheran Church in Denmark visited the Catholicosate and then proceeded to the Birds’ Nest Orphanage, in Byblos, which was established by a Danish Missionary to house the survivor orphans of the Armenian Genocide, and which is now under the guardianship of the Catholicosate.


Armenians from Los Angeles, New York and Boston, who have traveled to Lebanon to participate at the celebrations of the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Anjar, an Armenian Village in Lebanon, as well as a group of pilgrims from Armenia, headed by Mother Superior Sister Arousiag Sajonian, also visited His Holiness.