The General Director of Howard Karageuzian Foundation visits His Holiness Aram I

01 June 2013

On Saturday 1 June 2013, Dr. Walter Bandazian, from the Headquarters of the Foundation in New York accompanied by Mr. Serop Ohanian, Director of the Lebanon Centre visited His Holiness Aram I. Dr. Bandazian was on his annual visit to the three Karageuzian Centres, Lebanon, Syria and Armenia. The two gentlemen briefed the Catholicos on the humanitarian aid of the Foundation to the Syrian Armenian community through the centres in Syria and Lebanon; the General Director also informed that during the past year, the Foundation had allocated over US$ 100,000 for the same purpose.  


His Holiness Aram I thanked Dr. Bandasian and Mr. Ohanian and suggested that they reorganize the Centre for Children with Learning Disabilities in Lebanon.