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HASK, (meaning Ear of Corn), is the official monthly periodical of the Catholicosate. The first issue of HASK was printed in January 1932, by Coadjutor-Catholicos Papken I, who wrote the following in its first editorial: “hask-The ear of corn symbolizes the Kingdom of God. HASK will become a monthly publication reporting the activities of our Catholicosate and its Dioceses. It will grant the opportunity to our faithful to receive authentic and regular information from the source. Also, it will include religious, literary and other subjects.”

HASK covers the official activities of the Catholicosate and its Dioceses, and publishes encyclicals, official statements, sermons and religious and literary articles.

The editor of HASK is Rev. Fr. Torkom Donoian.
Contact: [email protected]

The Annual Subscription of HASK is 50.000 L.L. or 35 U.S. Dollars for Lebanon.
The Annual Subscription of HASK is 115.000 L.L. or 75 U.S. Dollars for outside Lebanon (shipping included).


Armenological HASK is a special supplementary edition of HASK. The first of issue Armenological HASK was printed in 1948. Highly respected and internationally known Armenian and non-Armenian Armenologists, Orientalists, historians and theologians contribute to Armenological HASK. Its next issue will be dedicated to the 17th Centenary of the Proclamation of Christianity in Armenia.

The editorial body of Armenologocal HASK is Dr. Zaven Yegavian,  Mr. Jirayr Tanielian, Mr. Garo Hovhannessian.
Contact: [email protected]

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