Where is the Armenian Family Today?

17 December 2013

A round table presented by the Armenian Church University Students Association (ACUSA) Alumni.

On Friday 13 December 2013, His Holiness Aram I presided over a round table at the Cilicia Museum of the Catholicosate to discuss the problems, concerns and challenges facing the Armenian family today. The event was organized by the ACUSA Alumni.

The panel brought together a team of experts, consisting of Ms. Ani Ourfalian-Pakradouni, an educater, Garo Hovhannessian, literary critic, Dr. Varoujan Bedirian, medical doctor, and Yeretsgin (Priest’s wife) Christine Sarkissian, social worker.

After the welcome and introduction by the President of the Association, Hagop Mandian, each of the panelists addressed the question from his or her own professional background and experience.  A lively discussion followed, with the participation of the audience, on the challenges to the dignity and human rights of the Armenian woman today and her role in the family and society. The panelists and the audience also commented on their expectations from the Armenian family today.

His Holiness Aram I thanked ACUSA for organizing the panel; he then exhorted the members of the association to play an active role in the community in Lebanon and communicate their experiences to the Armenian communities in the diaspora. The Catholicos said that the problems and issues highlighted at the round table challenged all Armenians today because “globalization has created societies without fences, thus minimizing the impact of our spiritual and moral values.” He finished by saying, “As Armenians, we must protect the essence of our values and safeguard our institutions.”