28 June 2019

On Friday, June 28th, 2019, a meeting was held between His Holiness Aram I and the President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, at the presidential palace in Cyprus. Present at the meeting were also Archbishop Khoren Doghramajian, Pontifical Vicar Cyprus, Armenian MP of Lebanon Hagop Pakradouni, Armenian MP of Cyprus Vartkes Mahdessian, as well as Rev. Fr. Hovagim Panjarjian, the staff bearer of the Catholicos.


The Catholicos and the President discussed issues pertaining the Armenian community in Cyprus, the mission of the Catholicosate of Cilicia, and the Cyprus-Armenia relations.


His Holiness talked briefly about the prelacies of the Catholicosate spread around the world and their ecumenical relations, focusing on the relations between the Armenian Church and the Greek Orthodox church of Cyprus.


In his turn, MP Hagop Pakradouni extended the greetings of the Lebanese President to President Anastasiades and talked about the importance of the relations between Cyprus and Lebanon.


Finally, President Anastasiades saluted His Holiness’ visit and expressed his respect for the community who are attached to the land and its just cause. On this occasion, the president talked about the Cyrpus case and shared with them his concerns and opinions about the issue.


At the end of the meeting, His Holiness Aram I presented a copy of the oldest manuscript of the “Book of Lamentations”  of St. Gregory of Nareg to the President.