04 January 2019

On Thursday, January 3rd, 2019, His Holiness had the following meetings consecutively:

1) The representative of Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun. The representative delivered a letter to His Holiness on behalf of the Grand Mufti inviting him to Damascus. His Holiness expressed his salute and informed him that he will pay a visit to Damascus and Aleppo and during that visit, he will have meetings with the President and the Grand Mufti.


2)The Committee of the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon. The committee congratulated His Holiness on the 50th anniversary of his priesthood ordination and briefed him on the future projects of the organization. In turn, His Holiness commended the organization’s efforts in humanitarian and social services and reaffirmed the church’s support for the organization.


3)Researchers from Minzu University of China. Four researchers from Minzu University of China visited His Holiness Aram I. They have arrived to the Catholicosate to participate in the first meeting of the consultation on “Religions in OBOR,” will be held on January 7th.