We should not forget the Armenian Community in Syria, Appeals His Holiness Aram I

06 June 2016


Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, His Holiness Aram I has been monitoring the situation of Armenians in Syria through regular telephone communication with Archbishop Shahan Sarkissian, the Primate, and the lay leadership.


A few days ago, the Archbishop informed the Catholicos that the latest mortar attacks on Aleppo also hit the Armenian neighbourhoods, causing a few deaths, injuries and destruction. Despite the prevailing danger, the leadership has been closely monitoring the situation and the community was able to hold religious services and organize educational and cultural activities.


His Holiness has also been informed that many Armenians have left Aleppo and have settled in Latakia, Tartus, Kessab and other coastal regions of the country, where the leadership have been helping them settle.


Catholicos Aram I is calling upon all Armenians to set helping the community in Syria as their most urgent priority.