His Holiness Aram I decorates the Founder of the ‘Kohar Choir,’ Mrs Kohar Khatchadourian, with the Insignia of Mesrob Mashdotz

07 November 2015


2 November 2015. On Monday morning, around 200 members of Kohar Choir, accompanied by Mrs Kohar Khatchadourian and her family, met with His Holiness Aram I at the main hall of his residence.


After welcoming and thanking everyone, His Holiness spoke of the vocation of the Choir and its impact on the life of the community through its rich programme, which, by linking classical and modern Armenian music, promotes and cultivates the love for music in the community. As a sign of appreciation for Mrs Khatchadourian and, through her, the choir, Catholicos Aram I honoured her with the insignia of St Mesrob Mashdotz.