“Love is the foundation of the Christian Faith,” says His Holiness Aram I in his message during the observance of Maundy Thursday  

15 April 2017


13 April 2017. The observance of Maundy Thursday commemorates the most solemn of biblical events for Christianity prior to the betrayal and crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, as a demonstration of the extent of his love, and shared the bread and wine with them during the Last Supper, asking the Father for His blessing, the act which is symbolized in churches by the Holy Eucharist.


On Thursday morning, commemorations began in Antelias, with the Holy Liturgy and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. At 4’oclock in the afternoon, during “washing of the feet” ceremony, His Holiness Aram I followed the example of Jesus by washing the feet of twelve seminarians. In his message, the Catholicos said, “Washing the feet of the disciples symbolizes humility and love. Love is the essence of the Gospel, the foundation of the mystery and sacraments of the Armenian Church and a reminder of God’s unending love for humanity.” He then exhorted the faithful to lead a life rooted in God’s love.


Maundy Thursday commemorations ended with the evening service at 7:00 o’clock, dedicated to the betrayal and crucifixion of Jesus, and ended with the “Bahbanich” (Lord protect) prayer and blessings of His Holiness Aram I.