Social service is considered one of the most important and visible aspects of the mission of our church. Later continues, with renewed commitment, to contribute actively to the development of community-oriented social service. Not only it encourages and supports social projects and assistance 1-SA500003at the diocesan and parish levels, it also initiates major social projects and programs. In Lebanon the Church administers the Birds’ Nest Orphanage in Jbeil, the Sanatorium in Azounieh, the Popular Housing Project in Fanar, and the Old Age Peoples’ Home in Bourj Hamoud.


Birds’ Nest

Birds’ Nest was founded over seventy years ago on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, 35 Kilometers away from Beirut, 2-Birds-Nest-museumon the immediate neighborhood of the ruins of the historical city of Byblos, nowadays called Jbeil. 

During World War I one and half million Armenians were massacred by the Turks. Two and half million Armenians were expelled from their homeland and were forcefully driven to the deserts of Syria and Iraq. Among the survivors of the Armenian Genocide were thousands of orphans. In 1907, twenty-five year old Miss Maria Jacobson from Denmark came to Kharpert, Cilicia, to serve in the Armenian Hospital. When the American missionaries abandoned the Armenian cities and villages, Miss Jacobson protected the Armenian orphans by providing them daily nutrition and medical care.7-IMG_2390

In 1926, when the American Near East Relief Foundation left the Middle East, 8-DSC03177Miss Jacobson bought the Armenian orphanage of Jbeil, by the assistance of the Danish KMA humanitarian association. She dedicated her entire life to serve the Armenian orphans at the Birds’ Nest until her death in 1960. The KMA continued to take care of Birds’ Nest for the next ten years and in 1970 transferred it to the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia.

The director is Mr. Samuel Boyadjian.

The present Board of Trustees consists of the following members:

Rev. Mesrob Kerkezian
Seta Khedeshian
Hasmig Bezdigian
Garo Haroutyounian
Joseph Bezjian
Taline Kerbashian
Hagop Garabedian
Shake Torossian



Hay Ain El Yasmine
Armenian Street
P.O.Box 18

Phone: (+961-9) 540867
Fax: (+961-9) 540027
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook page: Birds Nest Armenian orphanage

Facebook group: Birds Nest Armenian orphanage (official)

Please send donation transfers to:
Name of Bank: Credit Libanais, Bourdj Hammoud branch
Swift Code: CLIBLBBX
Account No: LB23 0053 00C4 AND USD0 0120 0871 7007
Phone: (+961-1) 262393, 255429
Telex: 43626, 43623, 42861, CREDNLIB LB



As a non-profit establishment, the Armenian Sanatorium of Azounieh, extends Untitled-Scanned-29its health services to all in need of health care without any religious or ethnic discrimination. It is the only Tuberculosis center in Lebanon and it is financed through donations from the Armenian people, as well as assistance from the Armenian American Medical Philanthropic Fund of New York.05-newyear09-2 

The sanatorium is located on the Beirut-Damascus international highway, near the village of Azounieh, 1200 meters above sea level. Its complex consists of eight buildings and a central office in Bourj-Hammoud, Beirut. Its governing and medical body includes 70 doctors and nurses. 1--jan-2009The sanatorium is owned by the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia and the Union of Near East Armenian Evangelical Churches and is run by a joint Board of Trustees. About 100 elderly who are sick stay at the sanatorium and the future plans include further development and expansion till it reaches contemporary standards of a general hospital and surgery.

The director is Dikran Boyadjian.

The present Board of Trustees consists of the following members:

Dr. Paolo Kazazian
Sossi Barsoumian                                                                                
Sarkis Parmaksezian             
Krikor Geukjian
Nerses Baghdoyan
Missak Nersessian
Raffi Elamdjian


Beirut Office
Sanatorium – Azounieh
P.O.Box 70927
Phone and Fax: (+961-1) 248851


Phone: (+961-5) 220160, 220405/6/7
Fax: (+961-5) 220344
Email: [email protected]



CAHL – Old People’s Home

CAHL is a humanitarian center founded in the village of Ghazir in 1923, and moved to its present location in Bourj Hammoud in 1946.6-IMG_3513

The center consisted of the Old Age People’s House, learning disability school, vision and hearing impaired school and home. 4-IMG_3502About 200 lonesome, weak and sick elderly receive shelter, food and taily medical care in the center. Children who have no vision or hearing or with learning disabilities are given basic education and care to help them integrate in society in a special program.

The center is run jointly by the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia and the Armenian Evangelical Church.

Donations can be sent directly or to the following bank account:

Bank Audi, Bourj Hammoud branch,
CAHL Acc. No: 260233 466 019 30
Telefax: +961 1 200250


The present Board of Trustees consists of the following members:


Yervant Kouyoumdjian
Krikor Kradjian
Tamar Der Bedrossian
Diki Torigian
Rev. Hrayr Cholakian
Dikran Kassab
Arakel Minassian
Vahe Karageozian

Rev. Sebouh Terzian (director)