In 1929, International Sunday Schools American Society organized a conference in Baalbek, Lebanon, to open Sunday Schools in the Biblical Lands. 07-2The Armenian Church was also invited to this conference. His Holiness Sahag II has appointed Bishop Papken Gulesserian to represent the Catholicosate of Cilica. At this conference, it was decided to establish Sunday Schools under the guidance of the Armenian Church. Mr. Levon Zenian was appointed Director. He immediately started training teachers and preparing plans for the Armenian Sunday Schools. In June 1930, His Holiness Sahag II emphasized the importance of Sunday Schools through an Encyclical. The same year Sunday Schools began operating almost in most parishes of the Armenian Church. 

Actually almost all parishes have their Sunday Schools where 1-(13)Children and young generation attend. Its program mainly includes Biblical stories more than 1000, ethics and church music.

Whithin the confines of the Armenian Catholicosate, young generation & children come together every Sunday to attend a special program.

The director is Rev.Fr. Ghevont Pentezian.

E-mail: [email protected] 

Sunday Schools