“We must join hands to promote our common values and respond to our common challenges”, said His Holiness Aram I in Brussels

18 October 2013

During the closing dinner of the conference organized by the Armenian Genocide Committee in Brussels, His Holiness Aram I addressed the President of Karabagh, the President of the National Assembly of Armenia and the delegates. He said, “the values we cherish as a nation and our common challenges should outweigh our differences and provide the framework for common action by all Armenians.” The Catholicos continued, “We must not only seek the recognition of the Genocide and reparations; we must also work together to build a sustainable Karabagh and a strong Armenia.”


The Catholicos then urged everyone to help work through the problems in Armenia and focus on nation building. “The Armenian Church,” he said, “has supported the aspirations of our people for freedom and independence throughout history and continues to do so today.” He concluded by saying that the Church is committed to strengthening the independence of Armenia and Karabagh and to working toward the just resolution of the Armenian Cause.

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