“Reparation must become the focus of our claim”, Aram I

14 October 2013

Addressing the Conference of the Armenian Communities and Organizations of Europe, His Holiness Aram I stressed the need “to move from the stage of recognition to reparation in our struggle for justice”.


The main item on the agenda of the conference was the Armenian Genocide.


Catholicos Aram I expressedphoto-5 his high appreciation to all those who are, in one way or another, committed to the Armenian Cause. He said “the Armenian Cause is a just cause because it is a struggle of a nation for justice, for the restoration of its legitimate rights”.


Speaking about the Armenian Genocide, he reminded the conference that “we don’t need anymore to prove the historicity of the Armenian Genocide, The facts are clear, evidences are well known. We should focus our efforts on reparation”.


As to the question of reparation, His Holiness said that “it must be pursued within the framework of international law”. In this context Aram I reminded that “even if the term ‘genocide’ acquired its legitimacy within international law only in 1948, the very intent of the Ottoman-Turkish government in 1915 to exterminate a nation is per se a genocide and genocide is punishable under international law”.


Aram I emphasized photo-3“the interconnectedness of recognition and reparation” and urged the international community to stand with justice and the legitimate claim of Armenian people.