09 April 2019

On Tuesday, April 9th, 2019, His Holiness Aram I received the Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid Bukhari. Present at the meeting were MP Hagop Pakradouni, the mayor of Bourdj Hamoud Mardig Boghossian, the director of the Information and Communication Department of the Catholicosate V. Rev. Bedros Manouelian and the Chancellor of the Catholicosate Khatchig Dedeyan, as well as two embassy personnel.


During the meeting, His Holiness Aram I shed light on the historical relations between Armenians and Muslims and stressed that they have always been based upon mutual respect and trust. Subsequently, His Holiness Aram I introduced the mission of the Armenian Church, and talked about the Armenian Communities in the Arab world.


Speaking about Christian-Muslim dialogue, the Catholicos underlined the imperative of active engagement and talked about the important contribution of the Catholicosate of Cilicia in this regard.


His Holiness also discussed the importance of the relations of Saudi Arabia with Lebanon and Armenia alike. He recalled the Muslim’s hospitality and brotherly acceptance of the Armenians during the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by Turkey.


Finally, Aram I stated that the Lebanese Armenian Community, being one of the 7 major sects in Lebanon, continues to actively participate and contribute to the Lebanese internal unity and prosperity.


In turn, the Saudi ambassador expressed his pleasure of visiting the Catholicosate for the second time and stated that the Lebanese Armenians are one of the pillars of Lebanon and history cannot deny the significance of their contribution to the country. He stated that his visit is a proof of Saudi Arabia’s support to the peaceful and just cooperation between the Lebanese various communities.


The ambassador stated that Armenians have succeeded in keeping the memory of the Genocide alive and continued saying that monotheistic religions condemn injustice.


Concluding, Bukhari stated that the visit aims at strengthening the friendship and cooperation between them.


Following the meeting, Bukhari visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial Chapel and paid his respect to the martyrs by laying a wreath.