18 February 2019

On February 16th and 17th, a group of Armenian youth coming from various communities of the Armenian Diaspora gathered in Antelias for a Youth Assembly to discuss topics related to challenges faced by Armenian youth and potential solutions. Bishop Mesrob Sarkissian chaired the Assembly and V. Rev. Bedros Manuelian and V. Rev. Zareh Sarkissian co-directed the sessions.


The sessions commenced with His Holiness Aram I’s opening remarks. The Catholicos welcomed the guests and stated that the mission of the Catholicosate extents to all domains of life. Talking about the objective of the Youth Assembly, His Holiness stressed that the aim of the gathering is to receive suggestions and inputs regarding how to facilitate Armenian youths’ active participation in the Armenian communities. Accordingly, His Holiness talked about the use of online platforms for this purpose, stressing the importance of empowering the youth to become responsible users of information technology.


Subsequently, the participants shared their ideas and suggestions.