Day Two evening celebrations

17 June 2013

“The Strength of Antelias lies in its power to Serve”


On Thursday evening, the participants of the Assembly went to Bikfaya to attend a concert by the “Shenorhali,” Choir conducted by Rev. Torkom Donayan, dedicated to the “2013, Year of the Armenian Mother.” After a short break, the graduation ceremony of the Seminary began. Archbishop Nareg Alemezian, the Dean of the Seminary, welcomed the members of the General Assembly of the Catholicosate of Cilicia, thanked His Holiness Aram I for his supervision of the seminary and congratulated the four new graduates.


His Holiness Aram I concluded the evening. He praised the concert dedicated to the Armenian mother. He highlighted the important role of the Armenian mother during the upheavals of Armenian history and the challenging role of the Armenian woman today. He thanked Rev. Torkom Donoyan, the pianist and members of the Choir, saying that they had not only offered an artistic evening but had also inspired the audience to safeguard the Armenian music as a valuable inherited art form. Turning his attention to the Seminary, the Catholicos stated, “The Seminary is the heart of our Catholicosate; its specific mission is to educate people who may lead the community to fulfill express spiritual and human values.” Addressing the graduates, he said, “Dear graduates, you were not only educated in this institution; the seminary gave you a vision and a mission that you should fulfill through your service in the church. Finally, he reminded the audience once more that the goal of the Catholicosate is to prepare committed individuals to reflect the vision and mission imparted to them during the eight years of study in the seminary through SERVICE to the church, the nation and humanity. He then blessed the audience.