(Armenian Church University Students’ Association- HEHOM)

The Armenian Church University Students’ Association (ACUSA) was established in 1963. Its members are students and graduates from various Lebanese universities and educational institutions.2

It has a committee of seven members elected by ACUSA general assembly. The committee organizes ACUSA activities and supervises its life and work.

University students first become ACUSA assistants. After a certain period, the committee studies the applications and takes the appropriate decision. All members pay an annual due as a symbolic act of involvement.

h3Besides the committee, a spiritual advisor is appointed by His Holiness. The spiritual advisor supervises and coordinates the activities.

Activities and meetings are held weekly which include lectures, debates, seminars, visitations to exhibitions, social gatherings, conferences, participation in ecumenical youth activities, attending church and community related special events etc…h4

ACUSA publishes a bulletin every three months. It includes brief articles, discussions and reports on activities.

2--jan-2009ACUSA is in close association and cooperation with similar organizations on local, regional and world levels. It collaborates with World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), Syndesmos, Youth Department of the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC).




Committee members:

Razmig Mikaelian

Nare Saghdejian

Nazeli Kandaharian-Manougian