«Our Seminary is a sacred place where committed and visionary people are prepared to serve our Church and people. More than any time the Seminary of Antelias is called to play a decisive role at this crucial juncture of our history where the needs and expectations of our Church are so many and diverse both in Armenia and Armenian Diaspora.

We have three Seminaries in St. Etchmiadzin-Armenia, in Antelias-Lebanon and in Jerusalem. These Seminaries are involved in the one and the same mission. I consider a closer collaboration between our Seminaries of vital importance.

Do we want to strengthen the Armenian Church in its witness? Let us strengthen our Seminaries.

Do we want to make the Armenian Church a living reality in the life of our people? Let us prepare young and energetic generations ideologically qualified and ready to devote themselves to the service of the Armenian Church.

Are we concerned with the deepening of the unity of the Armenian Church? Let us establish closer and working relationship between our Seminaries.

The Antelias Seminary will re-organize and re-strengthen itself with this spirit, commitment and vision, and face the new challenges of the present times»