The “Richard and Tina Carolan Fund is a publishing fund operating under the patronage of the Catholicosate of Cilicia. Established thirteen years ago, the fund is administered by a jury appointed by the Catholicos and chaired by him. The Fund finances the publications, encouraging in particular young Armenian writers.
The Fund, until now, has published these publications:
1.- Harout Vartanian’s “Li”
2.- Benyamin Ehmalian’s “Khavarin Entmechen”
3.- Seta Krikorian’s “Hayouhiyii me Orakren”
4.- Sarkis K. Khatcherian’s “Yerker Vosgelar Knaris”
5.- Meline Karakashian’s “Gomidas”
6.- Hagop Mikaelian’s “Ashnanayin Menanvak”
7.- Isabel Chuchill Kaprielian’s ‘Sisters of Mercy and Survival: Armenian Nurses, 1900-1930′
8.- Daniel Tufenkjian’s ” Seni Apin”
9.- Levon Ananian’s “Jamanag yev Voki”
10.- Zohrab Kirechian’s “Gianki Pegorner”
The publications above are available at the Bookstore of the Catholicosate. Also, you can place your orders online.
We would like to remind the public that literary research studies, or writings on history would be welcomed for consideration by the Fund’s Committee.
Submissions should be sent to the following address:

Richard & Tina Carolan Literary Fund
Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia
P.O.Box 70317
Antelias – Lebanon
[email protected]

Committee members: Arch. Varoujan Hergelian, Rev. Torkom Donoyan, Zaven Meserlian (Chairman), Keghani Etyemezian, Sarkis Najarian, Armen Urneshlian and Hampig Bilalian.

Richard & Tina Carolan Literary Fund




H.E. Khatchik Babikian, long time President of the National Assembly and Executive Council of the Catholicosate, Minister and member of the Lebanese Parliament and well known Lawyer, had bequeathed before he died a sum to the Catholicosate asking His Holiness Aram I to create a Foundation. According to the desire of Mr. Khatchik Babikian part of the income from the funds would be used for the educational, cultural and humanitarian activities of the community in Lebanon.
The Board highlighted four priority areas touching the lives of youth and inviting young students to contribute through essay contests on: Religious and ethical issues; research on Armenian history; Armenian language and literature and poem recitations. The Board has also nominated a committee to supervise the work in each of these areas.
The Foundation announces the publication in Arabic, English and Armenian of the following titles:
1.- “The Politics of Ottoman Empire in Western Armenia and the Attitude of Major Foreign Powers”, by Dr. Saleh Zahreddine. (Arabic).
2.- “The Confiscation of Armenian Properties by the Turkish Government Said to be Abandoned”, by Dr. Kevork Baghdjian. (English).
3.- “Ethno-Religious Transformations of Armenian Inhabitants in the Republic of Turkey (1923-2005)”, by Garen Hrant Khanlarian. (English).
4.- “The Genocide Perpetrator Turk”, by Haygazn K. Ghazarian.
5.- Andrew Andersen’s “Restoration of Armenian Statehood and Karabagh Conflict: Territorial Aspect”.
6.- Fridtjof Nansen’s “Armenia and the Near East”.
7- “The Armenians in the Ottoman Empire”, by Ph. D. Joseph E. Malikian, 2011.
8- “Legal Avenues for Armenian Genocide Reparation”, by Henry C. Theriault, 2015
We would like to remind the public that research studies, writings and student theses on the topics of the Armenian Cause, Armenian rights and generally the evolution of Armenian political thought would be welcomed for consideration by the Fund’s Committee. Submissions should be sent in 3 hard copies on A4 size paper accompanied by a CD version.
Submissions should be sent to the following address:

Khatchig Babikian Literary Fund
Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia
P.O. Box 70317
Antelias, Lebanon
[email protected]

The publications sponsored by Khatchik Babikian Publications Committee are available at the Bookshop of the Catholicosate.

Committee members: Yervant Pamboukian, Shahan Kandaharian, Giro Manoyan, Prof. Ashod Melkonian, Prof. Mihran Dabbagh and Khatchig Der Ghougasian.

Khatchig Babikian Literary Fund Committee