Commemoration of the Parable of the Ten Maidens in Antelias

23 April 2014

15 April 2014. On Great and Holy Tuesday during the evening service, the Armenian Orthodox Church commemorated the parable of the Ten Maidens in Antelias.  After prayers and hymns on the theme, reminding the faithful to be prepared for the Day of Judgment, the priest read the parable (Mathew 25:14-30). As is the tradition, during the Gospel reading, ten young students from “Yeghisheé Manoukian school presented themselves in front of the Altar holding candles; the five ‘wise’ women were prepared to wait for the ‘bridegroom’ with their candles until he arrived, while the other five ‘foolish’ women were unprepared.


After the service, His Holiness Aram I received the ten young women, and encouraged them to continue to safeguard their faith through the teachings of the Armenian Church. He also encouraged them to shape their lives around the Armenian Church, the family, the school and the cultural values. At the end he blessed them and gave them symbolic gifts.