His Holiness Aram I presides over the presentation of the “Commemorative Publication” honoring the print media specialist, Ardashes Der Khatchadurian

24 March 2014

20 March 2014. On Thursday evening the presentation of the “Commemorative Publication” was held at the Cilicia Museum Hall. The event was organizated by the committee of the Hask Quarterly, a publication of the Catholicosate and the Seminary.


Rev. Shenohk Ashekian welcomed everyone and referred to the celebration of this ‘Commemorative Publication’ as the expression of the commitment of the Catholicosate of Cilicia to the preservation of the Armenian language and its cultural heritage. The first speaker Hugop Balian described the book as the fruit of Ardashes Der Khatchadourian’s tireless days and nights spent indexing the Armenian print media. The second speaker, Garo Hovhanessian, introduced the two-volume compilation of Der Khatchadourian’s manuscripts and the research findings, which he described as treasures of the Armenian print media.


After the presentation, Daron Der Khatchadourian thanked His Holiness for sponsoring the publication of his father’s manuscripts and Mr. Garo Hovhannessian for editing and compiling the book.


His Holiness Aram I concluded the evening by paying a special tribute to Ardashes Der Khatchadourian’s commitment to Armenian literature and his contribution through the written media. He then thanked the Der Khatchadourian family for making their father’s work available to the Armenian public.


The evening ended with the ‘Cilicia’ spiritual anthem of the Catholicosate.