The Feast of Vartanantz “The ideals of Vartanantz heroes inspires us to defend our Human Rights,”

03 March 2014

On 27 February 2014, on the Feast of the Vartanantz Heroes, Catholicos Aram I referred to the writings of the historian Yeghishé, and reminded the faithful that “Our heroes of the Vartanantz war sacrificed their lives to defend our one faith, homeland and rights as a Nation.” He continued, “We are called to face our common problems and challenges with the same spirit of commitment. Today our people are deserting their homeland, the global economy is hurting everyone, our Christian faith is constantly under pressure, and our human rights are being denied. Today, Vartanantz urges us to celebrate the lives of our heroes and commit ourselves to staying together, protecting our homeland and demanding justice for the victims of the Armenian Genocide and the stolen rights of the survivors.”


After the Holy Liturgy the clergy and faithful for a cultural celebration with spiritual hymns, poetry by the seminarians.