16 August 2019

Under the auspices of His Holiness Aram I and organized by the Christian Education Department, a week of special services, prayers, Bible studies, and daily celebration of the Divine Liturgy was held on 12th to 16th of August 2019, at St. Mary Monastery in Bikfaya, dedicated to the St. Mary Monastery’s Pilgrimage Day.


The daily Bible studies and reflections consisted of the following topics: “The Perpetual Virginity of St. Mary” presented by Rev. Fr. Ashod Khatchadourian, “St. Mary in the Old Testament” presented by Rev. Fr. Avedik Der Garabedian, “St. Mary in the New Testament” presented by Rev. Fr. Sarkis Aprahamian, “St. Mary in the Armenian Ritual” presented by Rev. Fr. Kevork Karageozian, and “St. Mary in the Book of Hymns” presented by Rev. Fr. Hagop Yacoubian.


Every evening, Rev. Fr. Oshin Tchvalertanian, Rev. Fr. Levon Yeghyayan, Rev. Fr. Sarkis Aprahamian, Rev. Fr. Kevork Karageozian respectively, with the participation of priests and choirs from the Prelacy of Lebanon, celebrated the Divine Liturgy, during which each day blessings of salt, incense, water and oil were conducted by Bishop Magar Ashekian, V. Rev. Fr. Anania Koudjanian, V. Rev. Fr. Smpad Sabounjian and V. Rev. Fr. Vicken Dalkeljian respectively.