30 July 2019

On Tuesday, July 30th, a Christian-Muslim Summit was held at the Druze headquarters, in Beirut. His Holiness Aram I was present at the Summit accompanied by the Prelate of the Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon Archbishop Nareg Alemezian.


The Druze spiritual leader Sheikh Naim Hassan delivered the opening remarks underlining that maintaining the inner unity in Lebanon is imperative, especially midst the current situation of the Middle East. Consequently, Sunni, Maronite, Greek Orthodox and Shii religious leaders addressed the audience respectively.


In his address, His Holiness Aram I stressed that Lebanon is a diverse country, but nevertheless the diversity among the Lebanese people is bridged due to unity. Even though Lebanese belong to different sects, they speak the same language, which is the language of dialogue, cooperation and coexistence. He continued stating that the different sects of Lebanon are one family and families argue sometimes, but it is important to preserve the mutual understanding between them, away from external influences. The Catholicos also said that during disturbances, the people turn to their religious leaders, who in turn have a responsibility towards them and cannot remain indifferent against socioeconomic challenges.       


The Summit was concluded with a press release prepared by the Christian-Muslim Summit committee. Dr. Jean Salmanian was a member on this committee on behalf of the Catholicosate of Cilicia.