16 June 2019

On the evening of Saturday, June 15th, during the service, Deacon George Aprahamian, Deacon Moushegh Karageozian and Deacon Shahe Yacoubian started their journey to priesthood by approaching the Holy Altar on their knees, where they anathematized the heretics, accepted to abide by the teachings of the Church Fathers, recited the Creed and read the Charter of the Catholicosate of Cilicia, before His Holiness Aram I, who was presiding over the service, the ordaining priest, Archbishop Anoushavan Tanielian, the prelate of Eastern Prelacy, the sponsor priest Rev. V. Fr. Shnorhk Ashekian, and the faithful.


The next morning, Sunday, June 16th, 2019, the ordination service took place during the Divine Liturgy. The sponsor priest led them to the altar on their knees while the psalms sang. Here, they renounced the worldly life and offered themselves to God and the Church. Archbishop Anoushavan anointed their foreheads and hands, and renamed Deacon George as Sarkis, Deacon Moushegh as Kevork and Deacon Shahe as Hagop.


In his sermon, the Archbishop stated that after 8 years of formation in the Seminary, the newly ordained priests are reborn now with this ordination. He encouraged the priests to continue their journey in learning from the school of life and always have the example of Jesus Christ. He wished and prayed that the priests are strong as St. Sarkis, triumphant over evil as St. Kevork and always ascending as St. Hagop.


After the Sermon,  His Holiness Aram I and the Cilician brothers kissed the forehead and the hands of the newly ordained priests on the Altar. Consequently, the sponsors, Mr and Mrs Khatchig and Sevan Kalaydjian, washed the hands of the newly ordained in the Baptismal basin and the priests received their hoods.


The ceremony concluded with His Holiness Aram I’s blessing, congratulations by the congregation and a reception.