25 May 2019

On May 25th, 2019, His Holiness Aram I presided over the annual meeting of ARMENOFAS Foundation held at the Catholicosate of Cilicia, in Antelias. Items on the agenda included organizational, financial, administrative and service matters, among others.  


His Holiness Aram I delivered the welcome remarks and stressed three main points: ARMENOFAS should continue its mission by keeping the Armenian-Swiss friendship alive; ARMENOFAS is called to remind the new generation of Switzerland of the humanitarian aid and support that Switzerland has shown to the survivors of the Armenian Genocide throughout the history, at the same time pass on the mission to them; ARMENOFAS should continue its work by taking into consideration the current challenges of the Armenians.


The Geneva based Foundation consists of members from Swiss Churches and the Catholicosate of Cilicia. Prof. Teny Pirri-Simonian chairs the Foundation’s Board, while members representing the Armenian Church include Archbishop Kegham Katcherian, Prelate of Greece, Dikran Jinbashian, Alexan Keucheyan and Haigouhi Yaghdjian.


The Fund was established by the Swiss Friends of the Armenians during the Genocide to assist the survivors.