28 November 2018

This morning Rev. Sebouh Terzian, the Director of the Armenian Elderly Home visited His Holiness Aram I and briefed him about the activities of the AEH. The Director said: ‘‘The Armenian Elderly Home continues its ministry serving the elderly population of our Armenian community in Lebanon. This is their ‘‘HOME’’ and we are glad to serve our grandmothers and grandfathers, for they have given us so much all through their lives. Currently we have 138 elderly residents (additional 23 elderly are served hot meals in their homes). Most of our residents are above the age of 80. Among them are those who are very weak, have health issues and are serving the bed. Our 73 staff members (doctor, nurses, housekeepers and kitchen) do their utmost to keep them happy and healthy. There is no place like home, but in AEH we also try our best to give them a home feeling by keeping the Armenian traditions, celebrating the Armenian holidays and cultural events and special occasions, by serving them Armenian dishes and most of all having weekly worship services regularly by visiting priests from our three Armenian denominations. They also eagerly wait the visit and blessing of His Holiness Aram I during Christmas."


According to Rev. S. Terzian, the AEH actually is facing two main challenges:


  • ‘‘The instability in the region have been the constant source of inflation and economic deterioration in the country. Lebanon is facing a severe financial crisis. Families are not able to pay the monthly 525$ (all inclusive) obligation/ fee for the accommodation of their elderly parent. The institution in turn has the obligation towards the staff, buying fuel for the generators to sustain the electricity 24/24. Food and other medical supplies are getting more and more expensive.
  • The number of elderly with dementia and Alzheimer is increasing. Lebanon does not have yet an institution to take care of such patients (besides few daycare centers for them). We are sometimes forced to take in such patients to free the families from the social disturbances the patient causes at home. Taking care of such patients needs a special facility and professionals. To start such a facility has financial implications."


The Director concluded his report to Catholicos Aram I with hope and faith in God: ‘‘We have not lost hope. Our main source of trust is our Lord. Our faith help us to continue our ministry and service knowing God will take care of His children and that He will send Good Samaritans to help the weak and poor’’. His Holiness highly appreciated the service rendered by the AEH to our parents, affirmed the vital role of the AEH, and appealed our people to extend their support to the AEH.