His Holiness Aram I declares 2013 'Year of the Armenian Mother'

03 January 2013

In the past few years, the Catholicosate of Cilicia has celebrated the Year of the Armenian Child, the Armenian Youth and the Armenian Woman. His Holiness Aram I has now declared 2013, the Year of the Armenian Mother. In his Pontifical letter to the Diocesan Bishops, the Catholicos described his expectations as follows:


1. To assess the vocation of motherhood in the context of the challenges of current societies, based on the understanding of the community of women and men,

2. To deepen the love and respect towards Armenian women as mothers,

3. To empower Armenian women inspired by the profound meaning of motherhood.


In his conclusion, the Catholicos asked the clergy and lay leadership of the dioceses and parishes in different regions to focus on the theme of motherhood. He further directed them to organize activities that would help them define the new profile of the Armenian mother in the family, the church, the community and society, within the context of Armenia and the Diaspora.