Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Kuwait, Khalifa Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, visits His Holiness Aram I

26 May 2017

The day after His Holiness Aram I’s arrival in Kuwait, Sheikh Al Khalifa visited the Catholicos at the official Guest House of the Sheikhdom of Kuwait where he was staying. Very Rev Massis Choboyan, the Prelate of Kuwait and Neighbouring Countries, and Very Rev Mesrob Sarkissian, Pontifical Vicar of the United Arab Emirates and the Region, Rev Bedros Manuellian, Director of Communication of the Catholicosate, were also present at the meeting.

His Holiness had met Sheikh Khalifa three years ago in Bahrain, where the Catholicos was invited to speak at the Conference entitled ‘All Civilizations at the Service of Humanity,’ organized by the Kingdom. During their conversation, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hamad Al Khalifa referred to the urgency of dialogue between religions and cultures and informed His Holiness of his desire to organize a dinner in his honour to continue reflections.

His Holiness attended the dinner accompanied by the two Prelates of the region and representatives of the Church Council in Kuwait. Also attending were representatives of Churches in Kuwait and, the apostolic delegate and ambassadors from other countries.

In his welcoming speech Sheikh Khalifa referred to the speech Catholicos Aram I had made at the conference in Bahrain and repeated once more the need to promote dialogue between religions and cultures. In his response, His Holiness reflected on the statement of the conference and spoke of the urgency of translating words into action and to work toward making religious and cultural pluralism the norm in the world. The evening concluded with an exchange of gifts.