His Holiness Aram I receives Lebanese Artists who will exhibit their work on the Armenian Genocide

27 March 2017

On Friday evening, 24 March 2017, His Holiness Aram I received a group of Lebanese artists who will be exhibiting their work on the Armenian Genocide on 24 April in Byblos. The exhibition, which is being organized by the Tekeyan Cultural Association in Lebanon, tells the story of the Genocide through Art.


Following introductions and discussion, Catholicos Aram I told the artists that “Erdogan should recognize the Armenian Genocide as a crime committed by his ancestors, instead of lecturing Europeans.” He then suggested that the artists include themes in their work that demonstrate ‘life after genocide,’ in order to remind the world that while the Turks tried to exterminate the Armenians, the Arab Christian and Muslim countries received them warmly and helped them to prosper.