Celebrating the end of the Women’s Bible Study Course in Antelias

24 June 2013

18 June 2013. More than 200 women who had gathered in St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral received their certificates for the 2012-2013 course. At the end of the presentations, His Holiness Aram I told the women that as 2013 is the Year of the Armenian Mother, their participation in the course carried a special message: It gave visibility to the role of women in educating the young generation. He said, “along with the Armenian schools, the parents and the family are instrumental in developing a strong sense of identity among the youth and laying the foundations for a strong nation, homeland and Church.”


Referring to the study course, he said, “The Bible tells the story of the relationship between God and Humanity. It is the history of the salvation of humankind. To be Christian means to be with God, because God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son. The Church as the mystical Body of Christ reminds us of the presence of God in our daily lives. Hence, we go to church to be with God.” He then asked, “Why is it that today few people find the time to go to Church to be with God.“ After concluding his talk, the Catholicos invited the women to comment or ask questions.