His Holiness met with the Armenian Youth At the Montreal Armenian Community Centre

10 October 2016


His Holiness met with the youth at the Armenian Community Centre. During the event, the youth asked questions to the Pontiff related to religion and science, Christian education, faith and the SIS case, amongst many other questions.


SIS has a long-standing historical significance for the Armenians and the restoration of the Church is of great importance. In that respect, his Holiness wanted to shed light on such matter by stating: “It is our church and this is all of our case. It is a historical, religious and symbolic monastery. We have a closed door, but we need to push it to open that door.”


His Holiness emphasized on the importance of the youth in our lives and how the participation of the youth is crucial. The youth is not only our future, but also our present. With its growth, our community will only get stronger and create better opportunities.


A young university student asked to the Pontiff: “What do we have to do to go to Heaven? And how do we become a better Christian?” The Pontiff chuckled and replied: “Follow Jesus and walk after him. Love the person that is next to you, be kind and do your best to bring good to others.”


His Holiness ended the youth event with a powerful message by explaining the relationship between “Faith and Reason”; how they complement and intertwine with each other, ultimately guiding us to be the best version of ourselves.