Official banquet in honour of His Holiness Aram I

09 October 2016

An official banquet was organized in honour of His Holiness Aram I, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of His enthronement as Catholicos of the Great House of Cicilia. The event took place at the Armenian Community Centre: Hometmen’s Gamk Haig Markarian’s arena.


Mr. Mher Karakachian, the master of ceremonies, presented the Pontiff’s more than two decades of his visionary leadership as the Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia.


In honour of the Pontiff, Mr. Hagop Der Khatchadourian took the podium and spoke of his lifetime achievements. Prior to the speech Mrs. Hasmig Gasparyan dedicated a special hymn to His Holiness.


To mark the twentieth anniversary of His Holiness’s enthronement, the following individuals lit a special candle in His honour: Mr. & Mrs. Albert Aroyan, Mr. & Mrs. Hrayr Bengian, Dr. & Mrs. Antranig Benohanian, Mr. & Mrs. Arman Benohanian, Mr. & Mrs. Aram Benohanian, Mr. & Mrs. Vahe Benohanian, Mr. & Mrs. Garo Bostajian, Mr. Krikor Der Ghazarian, Mrs. Chake Geonjian, Kazandjian Family (Remax 3000), Mr. & Mrs. Krikor Koyoumdjian, Mr. Sam Lazarian and Family, Mr. & Mrs. Arto Markarian, Mr. & Mrs. Arec Markarian, Mr. & Mrs. Zaven Sarkissian, Mrs. Anais Shirinian, Mr. & Mrs. Manas Titizian, Mr. & Mrs. Chant Tobi, Mr. & Mrs. Avedis Pehlivanian and Mr. & Mrs. Tro Piliguian.


His Excellency Ambassador Armen Yeganian congratulated His Holiness on this special occasion and welcomed Him to Canada and for the wonderful opportunity to meet Him again.


His Grace Bishop Abgar Hovakimian took the podium and with his graceful message said, “May this Spirit give us the courage we need to share our faith with others, and congratulated His Holiness on the 20th anniversary of His enthronement to the Great House of Cilicia.”


Archbishop Papken Tcharian, Prelate of Canada, took the podium and said “Our people will look at You, Your Holiness, with immense joy and pride. All of us are aware that You are the chief shepherd of the Armenian Church and the watchful guard and the brave leader of the Armenian Nation.”


On the occasion of this special visit, His Holiness decorated the following individuals with Cilician Sea metals: Mr. Hagop Der Khatchadourian, Cilician Prince, Mr. Garo Bostajian, Mrs. Anais Shirinian, Mrs. Anahid Markarian, Mrs. Chake Geonjian, Mr. Albert Aroyan, and Mr. Manoug Joukhajian with the honour of “Cilician Knight.” Soprano Aline Kutan, Mr. Hagop Kasbarian and Krikor Noubarian with the honour of “Mesrob Mashdots.” A Pontifical Letter was presented to Mrs. Hasmig Gasparyan, Mrs. Berta Minassian Heller, and Mr. Garo Telfeyan.


His Holiness closed the evening with his blessings and words of encouragement to the faithful. The evening came to a close with the Hymn of Cilicia.