Ordination of Eleven Seminarians to the Sacred Order of Deacons in Antelias

02 June 2016

29 April 2016. On Sunday during the Holy Liturgy at St Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, eleven seminarians took the vow to serve the Church. Rev Karekin Shekherdemian, the Superintendent of the Seminary, led them to the Holy Altar on their knees. As the choir sang hymns and the clergy read prayers, Bishop Magar Ashkarian proceeded with the ordination. In his sermon, the Bishop spoke of the work of the Apostles and reminded the newly ordained deacons of their call to serve the Armenian church, the people and God. He then encouraged them to learn from the life of St Stephen, the first apostle.


At the end of the Service, the Celibrant, the eleven deacons, together with the clergy, the parents, families and the faithful, gathered at the Main Hall. His Holiness spoke of their new call and vocation in the church and blessed them.