Haroutiun and Veronique Garevorian Foundation Awards for 2016

16 May 2016

14 May 2016. On Friday, the Board of the Garevorian Foundation, comprising Archbishop Nareg Alemezian, Mrs Garevorian and Mrs Mimi Yozgatian, met in Antelias under the auspices of His Holiness Aram I to decide on the grant recipients for 2016. The foundation was established by Mrs Veronique Garevorian in 2014 in memory of her husband, with the aim of encouraging French and Armenian intercultural understanding. This year’s recipients are: the Armenian Catholic Sisters School Heripsimiants, the Melankton & Haig Arslanian Armenian College, the Armenian College of Hamazkayin, the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian School, the Seminary and the Youth Department of the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia, and a publication to appear in French. After announcing the awards, the Board invited new applicants for next year.