His Holiness Aram I Meets with the Members of the Committees Serving the Diocese in Abu Dhabi

10 May 2016

7 May 2016. On Saturday evening Catholicos Aram I held meetings with members of Church Committees at the ‘Souren Kojakian’ Hall of the Prelacy. After meeting with the Pontifical delegate, he continued dialogue with the UAE representatives on the General Assembly of the Catholicosate, members of the Diocesan Council, the Director and Faculty of ‘Ara Khanoyan’ newly constructed School, members of the Parish Council, the ladies guild and the Church choir.


At the end His Holiness thanked the laymen and women for their services and said, “Your organized and cooperative approach to serve the Church and the faithful is evidence of a thriving Diocese that will remain responsive to the changing needs of its members.” He then closed the meeting with prayers of blessing.