His Holiness Aram I meets the Swiss Press

30 September 2015

20 September 2015. Upon his arrival in Switzerland to preside over the activities commemorating “100 years of solidarity between Armenians and the people of Switzerland,” which was organized by the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches and Armenofas Swiss-Armenian Foundation, His Holiness Aram I met journalists from the French-speaking and German-speaking press. He was interviewed by Tages Anzeiger, Das Bund, La Liberté, Agence Romande de Presse, Le Temps and local and church media.


The interviews were held at St. Gervais Theatre (Geneva), where a special exhibition, entitled “Fragments,” displayed articles on the persecution of Armenians in Turkey from 1890 to the Peace Conference in Lausanne in 1923, written by Swiss journalists at the time.


Catholicos Aram I explained the purpose of his visit and answered questions related to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, the current situation in the Middle East, the role of churches in responding to current world problems and issues related to ecumenical and interfaith relations.


His Holiness emphasized the close relationship between the Armenian and Swiss people from1894 onward, as well as the relationship between Switzerland and the Republic of Armenia. He spoke of the profoundly positive role played by the Swiss people and politicians, stating that these actions were guided by humanitarian and ethical concerns based on human rights and justice.


The Catholicos also condemned religious fundamentalism in the Middle East and called the players in the region to strengthen Christian-Muslim dialogue.


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During his stay in Switzerland, His Holiness Aram I met in Geneva with the Minister Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia, Her Excellency Hasmig Tolmadjian, in the presence of Very Rev Housig Mardirossian, responsible for Ecumenical Relations, Catholicosate of Cilicia, and Mrs Teny Pirri-Simonian, President of Armenofas Swiss-Armenian Foundation.