His Holiness Aram I left Beirut for Switzerland

24 September 2015

19 September 2015. His Holiness Aram I left for Switzerland upon the invitation of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Switzerland (FEPS) and ARMENOFAS, the Swiss-Armenian Foundation. The theme of the visit is “100 years of friendship between the people of Switzerland and Armenians.” His Holiness will preside over the special events in Begnins (Vaud canton) to honor Rev. Antony Krafft-Bonnard, who brought orphans from Turkey and Greece to Begnins and Geneva; an Ecumenical Prayer to be held at the Berne Cathedral and a public event in Walzenhausen, the birthplace of Jacob Künzler (Papa Künzler). During these commemorations, His Holiness, the President of FEPS and other political personalities will address the people of Switzerland and thank all the Swiss men and women who accompanied Armenian victims of the genocide, particularly the orphans, both in Turkey and later in Greece, Switzerland and Lebanon.


During the meeting, Catholicos Aram I will meet officials of the Swiss Confederation and will give interviews to the Press.


His Holiness is accompanied by Rev. Fr. Housig Mardirossian, the Ecumenical Officer and Rev. Fr. Bedros Manuelian, Head of the Audio-visual Department. His Holiness will also be joined by a delegation, including Minister Arthur Nazarian and Deputy Hagop Pakradounian (Lebanon), Bishop Khoren Doghramadjian and Mrs Haigouhi Yaghdjian (Greece); also in the delegation from Switzerland are Ms Teny Simonian, President of ARMENOFAS Foundation, Mr Alexan Keucheyan, member of ARMENOFAS Board, and Mr Alecco Bezikian, a benefactor of the Armenian community.