His Holiness Aram I addresses at the 95th Anniversary celebration of Homenetmen

26 May 2013


On Sunday, 26 May, Catholicos Aram I attended the public celebration of 28 May and the 95th anniversary of the Armenian Athletics and Scouts organization.


In his public address, His Holiness shared three concerns. He first congratulated HOMENETMEN for living up to their motto, “Elevate yourself and elevate the others” by teaching youth the values of the nation and giving expression to their hopes and dreams. He then spoke of the Armenian community in Lebanon, saying, “Although the Armenian community was for a long time the heart of the diaspora, the pulse is weakening. Our civil society organizations should assume their responsibilities and strengthen this pulse despite difficulties in the region.” The Catholicos also addressed the Armenian leadership. He said, “28 May should not only be a time for pomp celebrations. Our leaders should remember our national hero, Aram Manoukian (Aram of Van), who, while defending Armenia against the Turkish invaders, stated, ‘Yerevan will never be emptied of its population.” The Catholicos expressed his regret that Yerevan was being emptied currently due to the emigration of its population. He then invited Armenians everywhere to make 28 May the day of rededication to the values and principles that have kept the Armenian nation alive.