Metropolitan Anba Bishoy of the Coptic Orthodox church visits His Holiness Aram I

25 May 2013

On Saturday 25 May, Metropolitan Anba Bishoy, the Ecumenical Officer of the Coptic Orthodox Church, met with His Holiness Aram I. After presenting the brotherly greetings of Pope Tawadros II, the Metropolitan briefed the Catholicos on the difficult situation of the Coptic Orthodox community in Egypt. In their discussion, the Catholicosate stressed the importance of maintaining both Christian unity and the Christian-Muslim dialogue under the current difficult conditions in the region. 


At the end of the visit, Anba Bishoy informed Catholicos Aram I that Pope Tawadros II will pay an official visit to the Catholicosate when he comes to Lebanon next November to the meeting of the Heads of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in the region.