The Papers of the Conference On "The Armenian Genocide from Recognition to Reparation" Appear in a Special Issue of Volume 14 of the International Criminal Law Review

19 December 2014

The Communication and Information Office of the Catholicosate of Cilicia announces that the papers delivered at the momentous conference, held from the 23rd through the 25th of February 2012 in Antelias, Lebanon have been published in a special issue in Volume 14 of the International Criminal Law Review, 2014.


The conference, which was the first of its kind to be dedicated to the issue of reparations, was initiated by His Holiness Aram I, assisted by Dr Nora Bayrakdarian. His Holiness, who presided over the conference, wrote the preface to the volume.


The volume is a collection of the articles presented during the conference by internationally known experts, with Henry Theriault as its guest editor.


The following articles appear in the issue:


“The Armenian Genocide: From Recognition to Reparations,” Aram I,

“Economic-Legal Perspectives on the Armenian Genocide,” Dean Susan A. Karamanian,

“The Consequences of Turkey Being the ‘Continuing’ State of the Ottoman Empire in

Terms of International Responsibility for Internationally Wrongful Acts,” Dr Patrick


“Jumping Hurdles Backwards: The Armenian Genocide and International Criminal

Court,” Dr Dov Jacobs,

“Establishing State Responsibility for Historical Injustices: The Armenian Case,”

Dr Marco Roscini,

“The Notion of ‘Continuous Violations,’ Expropriated Armenian Properties, and the

European Court of Human Rights,” Dr Frédéric Mégret,

“Restoration of Historical Memory and Dignity for Victims of the Armenian Genocide:

A Human Rights Law Approach to Effective Reparations,” Dr Richard J. Wilson,

“An Attempt to Recover Armenian Properties in Turkey through the French

Authorities in Syria and Lebanon in the 1920s,” Dr Vahé Tachjian,

“Ius Humanitatis and the Right to Reparation for International Crimes in Foreign

Domestic Courts,” Dr Marcel Brus,

“The Spirit of the Law: Following the Traces of Genocide in the Law of Abandoned

Property,” Dr Taner Akçam,

“Foundations of Non-Muslim Communities: The Last Object of Confiscation,” Dr Sait Çentinoglu,

“Compensation and Damages in International Law and Their Relevance for the

Valuation of Expropriated Armenian Property,” Dr Irmgard Marboe,

“International Law between the Duty of Memory and the Right to Oblivion,” Dr Gabriele Della Morte,

“Reparations for Genocide: Group Harm and the Limits of Liberal Individualism,” Dr Henry C. Theriault.