On Friday, 16 November 2012, His Holiness Aram I inaugurated the Association, which will bring together graduates of universities who are former members of ACUSA (Armenian Church University Student Association). 8190773281_c1ec684500_b  

The Catholicos appointed a committee of eleven women and men and then discussed priorities. Creating a network of former members of ACUSA in Lebanon and the Diaspora was identified as the most urgent task.8191860310_79d6cb8a58_o

The committee includes: Hagop Handian, Sarkis Seferian, Sarkis Djibelian, Liza Der-Khachadourian-Bastadjian, Raffi Gevoghlanian, Maria Hagopian-Yerandjian, Sarkis Avedisian, Zani Shahinian-Mesrobian, Marina Keleshian-Handian, Maria Aprahamian-Gurunlian, and Sarin Yeghyazarian.