We Should Hold onto Our Armenian Identity and Historical Legacy as Individuals and Organizations Aram I

28 October 2014

23 October 2014. On Thursday His Holiness Aram I presided over the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Ararat Sports Centre in Tehran in the presence of the Prelates of the Dioceses of Tehran, Isfahan and Tabriz, the Ambassadors of Armenia, Russia, the Minister of Diaspora of Armenia, representatives of Church Councils, Armenian organizations and around 2000 other members of the community.


The speakers all emphasized the role of the Ararat Sports Centre in creating a vibrant community spirit in Iran. In his message, His Holiness Aram I told the audience that the word ‘Ararat’ goes beyond its literal meaning as the name of a mountain. It is the constant reminder to Armenians of their Christian faith, the loss of their land and the expression of their hope. He concluded, “Ararat should remain the constant reminder of our stolen rights since the Genocide in 1915.” Referring to the Ararat Sports Centre, he said that just as in the past, it should continue its vocation of providing a space for the community to stay together.


At the end of the celebration the Ambassador of Russia to Iran, Leon Jaghazarian, who is of Armenian origin, met with His holiness Aram I and the three Prelates and was the guest of the Catholicos for lunch.