24 April 2020

Armenians worldwide mark the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide annually on April 24th. On this occasion, His Holiness Aram I presided over the Divine Liturgy celebrated by Bishop Shahe Panossian, Pontifical Vicar of the Armenian Prelacy in Lebanon, at St. Gregory Illuminator Cathedral in Antelias, and delivered his pontifical message.


Aram I commenced his speech saying that April 24 not only marks a date to remember the Armenian Genocide, but it also encompasses and incorporates the Armenian perseverance and unbreakable faith; thus, it is a day that gives meaning, direction and purpose to life.


Speaking about the Armenian Cause (Hye Tad), the Catholicos exhorted Armenians to continue demanding and advocating restitution, even though unfortunately the current geopolitical circumstances are based upon economic and political interests of powerful nations, while the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and God-given justice are ignored.


His Holiness shed light on the fact that Turkey continues to commit Armenian Genocide by appropriating Armenian national structures and altering their national identity and eradicating all Armenian traces from the captured homeland,  and asked why international organizations who have as a mission the defense of cultural heritage, such as UNESCO, are silent in view of this cultural genocide.


At the end of the ceremony, the attendees, consisted of the Armenian Ambassador to Lebanon, state high-ranking representatives and ministers, as well as representatives of organizations and associations, paid their respect to the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide by laying wreaths in front of the Armenian Genocide Martyrs Chapel.