Representatives of the Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon meet with His Holiness Aram I

15 January 2013

On Tuesday 15 January 2013, Sunni and Shi’te scholars representing the Association met Catholicos Aram I and discussed three issues: strengthening Christian and Muslim relations, the social role of religion and the proposed new election law.


His Holiness stated his positions as follows:

• Christian-Muslim dialogue should be strengthened in the region and particularly in Lebanon, because the current problems of the region concern both religions. Therefore, it is imperative that they work together.

• Our two religions not only teach the faith, but also teach a lifestyle and set of values to be translated into action for the service of the community. We should, therefore, assume our responsibility.

• The new electoral law should allow different communities to have their say in the election of their representatives, and at the same time safeguard the internal unity of the country.